SVMS-01AS Union Flag Aero Sky Package Type (aka Aero Flag) is a mobile unit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00N. One unit is known to have been piloted by Over Flag member Joshua Edwards.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Flag is a high performance mobile suit that can also act as a high speed jet fighter. Both modes are capable of aerial flight with the mobile suit mode providing greater mobility and the jet fighter mode providing greater speed. For flight, four hydrogen plasma jets mounted on its back.

The gun portion of the nose section has been replaced with an Aero Cowl, boosting the machine’s aerial capacity. Also, the hands have been replaced with 60mm linear guns for aerial combat. Unlike the original Flag, the Aero Flag cannot engage in close combat due to the lack of close combat weapons such as the sonic blade.


  • 20mm Machine Gun
The 20mm machine gun is mounted next to the drum cockpit. This rapid-fire armament is ideal for shooting down incoming missiles or small vehicles. The 20mm machine gun however is generally ineffective in against heavily armored targets like mobile suits.
  • 60mm Linear Gauntlet
"Linear Gauntlets" are much like linear rifles which fired electromagnetically-accelerated live rounds. Two 60mm Linear Gauntlets are mounted as hands on the Aero Flag. Linear weaponry was one of the most advanced weapons available before the introduction of beam weaponry.
  • Missiles
Depending on mission parameters, the Aero Flag can be equipped with different missiles. These missiles are usually attached underneath the main wings.

System Features

  • Drum Cockpit
The drum cockpit is designed to reduce the G forces exerted on the pilot during the unit's flight. It achieves this by having the pilot sit in a lying down fashion. Overall this decreases the burden on the pilot. A sub-cockpit is located in the waist for escape purposes.
  • Visor AI
This AI on the Flag is used to control the patterns made by the unit's visor.


In AD 2307, the Aero Flag is a special SVMS-01 Union Flag variation proposed for sale to other countries. It can be assumed that the Aero Flag was never put into large-scale mass production due to the introduction of the more advanced and GN powered GN-X series in AD 2308.


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