The SVMS-01O Over Flag (aka Over Flag), is an enhanced version of the Flag created by Professor Ralph Eifman and Billy Katagiri. This elite series of the Union Flag was a limited production mobile suit for the ace pilots of the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad "Overflags" (The 8th Independent Air Tactics Squad).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Built based on SVMS-01E Union Flag Graham Aker Custom, this mobile suit is the custom unit of the Union forces' Anti-Gundam Investigation Team, which is also known as the 'Over Flags' due to their use of this machine. The end of the suit's model number carries the designation 'O' which means Over (coat) as they have higher performance than the standard Flag.[5] Similar to Graham's Custom Flag, it's equipped with a high-output flight unit for higher flying speed, a black anti-beam coating on the unit's surface, and other enhancements over the standard mass production SVMS-01 Union Flag, but it doesn't use hazard factors like an G-limiter release. The Over Flag uses a new linear rifle that is developed from Graham's custom Flag's, which the latter also subsequently used. This new rifle is more powerful and has a triple-barrel, a 200mm cannon is flanked by a pair of 60mm weapons. The paired 60mm linear guns may not seem like a significant improvement, but the smaller projectile requires far less power to fire. Consequently, the rate of fire is considerably higher; this weapon is similar to the GN Vulcan.

Appearance wise, the Over Flag is almost an identical copy of Graham's custom Flag, except that the former's linear rifle is held in the right hand and has a white line on it, while latter held the rifle in the left hand and has a blue line on it. Besides the differences in appearance, the Over Flag is also heavier than the Graham's custom Flag and this indicates that the former does not have some of the weight reduction modifications of the latter. The Over Flag can separate the upper and lower halves of its body like the VMS-15 Union Realdo, and possibly the other variations of the SVMS-01 Union Flag. If the pilot needs to escape in the lower half, a backup cockpit is situated in the waist.[6]


  • 20mm Machine Gun
The 20mm machine gun is mounted next to the drum cockpit. This rapid-fire armament is ideal for shooting down incoming missiles or small vehicles. The 20mm machine gun however is generally ineffective in against heavily armored targets like mobile suits.
  • 200mm New Type Linear Rifle
The Over Flag carry a new type linear rifle which is known by the codename "Trident Striker". This linear rifle is developed from the Trial Type Linear Rifle used initially by SVMS-01E Union Flag Graham Aker Custom and has three barrels instead of one. Like its predecessor, it still requires charging before shots, which hinders it from rapid firing from its main barrel. To compensate for this limitation, two smaller caliber barrels are installed to either side of the main barrel. The two smaller barrels act like vulcans that fire a rapid amount of shots used primarily to restrict enemy movements, while the main barrel shoots stronger shots. The clear part on the top of the rifle has cooling and demagnetizing properties.[6] According to Fon Spaak, a shot from the secondary barrels doesn't have enough velocity to damage GN-001 Gundam Exia's armor.
  • Defense Rod
A standard defensive feature of AEU and Union mobile suits. The defense rod is a rotating rod usually connected to the elbow joint of the mobile suits left arm. Using rotary motion, the rod is capable of deflecting certain physical rounds such as bullets from a machine gun and in some cases a shot from a beam rifle by generating a plasma field. Compared to conventional shield, the defense rod is lighter as the Flag has to maintain its speed advantage and maneuverability during combat. The Over Flag must rely on its speed and maneuverability when defending against heavier firepower.
  • Sonic Blade (Plasma Sword)
The standard melee weapon of both the AEU's and Union's mobile suits. A sonic blade is a folding dagger-like weapon that incorporates a high-frequency oscillating blade. The vibrations of the oscillating blade greatly increase the weapon's cutting capabilities. It can focus plasma in a sword shape to form a plasma sword that can function for three minutes at full output.[6]
  • Missiles
Depending on mission parameters, the Over Flag can be equipped with different missiles like air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles or even surface-to-air missiles. These missiles are usually stored in the shin compartment, but due to the limited storage space there, additional missile pods can be attached to the main wing, sub wing or between the legs. During the battles with the Gundam, the Over Flag is not loaded with missiles to lighten its weight.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Chaff & Flare Dispenser
This equipment is used to intercept missiles coming from behind the Flag when it is in flight mode. It is located at the circular ankle joints in each legs. It was rarely used against the Gundams, which used mostly beam weaponry.[6]
  • Drum Cockpit
The drum cockpit is designed to reduce the G forces exerted on the pilot during the unit's flight. It achieves this by having the pilot sit in a lying down fashion. Overall this decreases the burden on the pilot. A sub-cockpit is located in the waist for escape purposes.[6]
  • Hardpoint
These hardpoints are for mounting additional missile pods.
  • Visor AI
This AI on the Flag is used to control the patterns made by the unit's visor.[6]
  • Separation System


In AD 2307, the Over Flag model mobile suit was put into limited production shortly after Celestial Being began their armed interventions. They were built solely for the use of ace pilots of the Anti-Gundam Investigation Squad. Unfortunately, despite their superiority to the base model SVMS-01 Union Flag and the skills of their pilots, the Over Flag proved to be inadequate against the Gundams.

The first mission to see the Over Flags would be the exercise in the Taklamaken Desert. Once the Gundam Dynames was pinned down it was the duty of the Anti-Gundam Investigation Squad to capture the Gundam. Joshua Edwards, who was cocky and eager to show up Graham Aker, flew ahead of the team despite orders to hold back; his machine was easily destroyed by Dynames. The rest of the team, following Aker's orders, would prove to be much more difficult to deal with, until GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins began sniping at their backs, destroying at least two of the Over Flags, killing pilots Randy and Stuart. Because of the interference of Team Trinity, the Anti-Gundam Investigation Squad was forced to retreat alongside the rest of the military.

The Over Flag squad would continue their anti-Gundam missions during the time of the Throne Gundam's intervention. However, they didn't have much success, losing more machines and pilots to the Thrones. Their one success came when they managed to drive the Thrones off after an intervention, with Graham Aker managing to capture one of Throne Eins's GN Beam Sabers.

The Over Flag was later replaced by the more advanced and GN-powered GN-X series after the formation of the United Nation Forces. Despite being inferior, some Over Flag units were still used after the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation Army as it was decided to be the only unit that could keep up with the GN-X during aerial combat tests.[7]


  • SVMS-01O Over Flag ESF Type
A recolored variant of the Over Flag used by the Earth Sphere Federation Army in AD 2312.

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