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The Sadalahn-class (Sadaran) is a fictional battleship class in the Universal Century time-line, it is featured in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Armed with six twin Mega Particle Cannons, two hyper mega particle cannons, six large missile launchers, and a state-of-the-art anti-air defense system including 31 laser guns, the Sadalahn was arguably the most heavily armed battleship of her time. She was also one of the fastest and most mobile with an impressive array of powerful engines and verniers.

Equipped with Minovsky Craft System for atmospheric flight, the Sadalahn would enter the atmosphere using a parachute system, which envelops and shields the entire rear of the vessel against the devastating heat during descent.

Being one of the most advanced ships at the time, the Sadalahn sports a holographic device, with projectors on the extremes of the board, that the charismatic Haman would use to project her image in space and spur her troops on.


  • 2-barrel Main Gun Turret
The ubiquitous mega-particle cannon - variously referred to as the beam cannon, mega-beam gun, mega-beam cannon or simply mega-cannon - is the standard armament of warships and mobile armors. This weapon fires a focused beam of massive, high-velocity mega-particles, which cannot be deflected by magnetic fields and tears through any conventional armor material. The output power of the mega-particle cannon is 4 times greater than conventional laser weapons at the time and is considered to be more efficient due to most units having semi-transparent coatings on top of their armor which renders laser weapons virtually useless unless the device was at least as big as a mobile suit, excluding the generator.
To create the mega-particles, a cannon-toting vehicle must first gather Minovsky particles from the vehicle's fusion reactor. The Minovsky particles are collected in a device called an energy condenser, where they are compressed in a high-density I-field until they fuse into mega-particles. The performance of the mega-particle cannon is thus limited by the reactor's ability to produce Minovsky particles.
The Sadalahn is equipped with six 2-barrel mega-particle cannon turrets, a high number for a ship of its size giving the Sadalahn high anti-ship combat abilities.
  • Mega Particle Cannon
In addition to the six 2-barrel mega-particle cannon turrets, the Sadalahn is equipped with two larger single-barrel mega particle cannons. Normally stored within the ends of the port and starboard engine blocks, these cannons are larger and have larger energy capacitors. Larger energy capacitors require more time to fully charge, but in exchange these mega particle cannons are more powerful than the main gun turrets. Powerful enough to cut an enemy ship in two with a single blast.
  • Laser Gun Turret
Although lasers have been rendered useless against ships by semi-transparent coating technology, they still have their uses as an anti-air defense. Smaller targets such as mobile suits and missiles do not possess semi-transparent coatings, thus laser weapons can be used to destroy them. And because of a difference in power requirements lasers have a higher rate of fire, and can be built smaller and in greater numbers than mega particle cannons.
With 31 laser gun turrets the Sadalahn has a daunting anti-air defense.
  • Missile Launcher
Missile launchers are a standard part of all ships' weapons compliments. The Sadalahn is equipped with six missile launchers.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Holographic Projection Device
  • Ballute System
  • Minovsky Craft System


Subsequent to the Gryps Conflict which saw the defeat of Titans by AEUG, now greatly weakened, Haman Karn lost no time in regrouping her forces to take over the entire Earth Sphere. To achieve this, she would repeat what the Principality of Zeon did by forming a land invasion force to seize control of the Federation's strongholds on Earth. A new flagship, capable of carrying Haman and figurehead Mineva Lao Zabi to personally supervise the operation and later officiate at the ensuing ceremonies on Earth, was commissioned—the Sadalahn.

Although not completed until after the start of the First Neo Zeon War the Sadalahn was still finished in time to take part in the early days of the war, and used as the flagship leading the invasion of Earth.

Little was known about the fate of Sadalahn after it became one of the few Neo Zeon warships to have survived the collision of the asteroid Axis and the colony Core 3, an act of desperation from the Neo Zeon rebels led by Glemy Toto before their demise, and was captured by the AEUG support fleet that came to reap the spoils.

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