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Seattle is a city located in a large inlet on the northwest coast of North America in what is presently Washington State in the United States of America.


During the One Year War the city was captured almost immediately by the 2nd Terrestrial Mobile Division during Zeon's Earth Drop operations. As such, the city was left in ruins and was abandoned. In the second half of the war Seattle became the site of a small but important battle. The Federation ship White Base was attempting to escape North America. Trying to prevent the ship from escaping into Federation controlled territory; Garma Zabi flew in from New York to personally destroy the ship.

The White Base took temporary refuge in the ruins of an abandoned sports dome that was likely either the Kingdome or possible the nearby Tacoma Dome (which lies in the greater Seattle area). In an effort to flush out the White Base into the open Garma ordered his Gaw attack fleet to carpet bomb the city. After the effort failed several Zakus under the command of Char Aznable were sent into Seattle to find the ship. The Gundam is sent out to lure the Zakus away from White Base and therefore misform the fleet of the ship's true location. Char realizes this but seeing his chance to finally exact revenge on the Zabi family, he misinforms Garma of the White Base's true location and leads him straight into the trap.

White Base's near-endless and brutal attack on Garma's Gaw Fleet is swift and relentless, taking a shocked Garma completely by surprise. Desperate and enraged, Garma takes control of his ships helm and attempts a kamikaze run against White Base. However the White Base shot down Garma before he even got close. Later in the war the city was finally liberated along with the rest of North America in December of UC 0079.

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