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Second Victory Gundam

Unit Type

Prototype Transformable Detachable Mobile Suit


Developed from
First Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 15.2 meters49.869 ft
    598.425 in
Max Weight
  • 17.7 metric tons
Standard Weight
  • 7.6 metric tons
Power Output
  • 4780 kW6,410.085 hp
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only, cockpit in chest
  • Gundarium alloy/super-ceramic composite


Max Acceleration
  • 4.50 G
Rocket Thrusters
  • 6 x 7390 kg16,292.157 lb
    8.146 tons
Vernier Thrusters
  • 34
  • 2 x Head Vulcan
  • Mega Beam Cannon
Special Equipments and Features
  • Hardpoint
  • Minovsky Drive Unit
Optional Equipment
  • 2 x Beam Pistol
  • Minovsky Shield
  • Multiple Beam Rifle
  • Vulcan Cannon

The Second Victory Gundam (aka Second V) is a mobile suit featured in the novelization of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. It is piloted by Uso Ewin.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

After the great success of the Victory Gundam, the Zanscare Empire also sought to produce such a powerful suit. Using data obtained on the first Victory Gundam, the BESPA successfully replicated the MS with a similar operating system and also improved capabilities due to weapons upgrades. Such upgrades included the Minovsky Shield, which aided in improving defense, and also the Mega Beam Cannon, which improved its long range combat capabilities. To increase speed, a Minovsky Drive Unit was created, which gave the Second Victory great speed that far exceeds that provided by nuclear thrusters or even the Minovsky Craft System. Other than that, the Minovsky Drive Unit also used considerably less power than the other propulsion systems, which lessened the burden on the reactor. All in all, the Second Victory Gundam boasted good general purpose capabilities.


  • Beam Pistol
  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Saber
  • Head Vulcan
  • Mega Beam Cannon
A beam weapon mounted on the right shoulder that far outclasses conventional beam rifles in terms of power and range. When it can no longer be used, it can be cut off from the mobile suit.
  • Minovsky Shield
Stored on the left shoulder of the Second V, the Minovsky Shield expands in use and generates a large beam shield. It consumes massive amounts of energy. The only reason the Second V can use it is because of the energy saving Minovsky Drive Unit. If it were installed on other units, the unit would be rendered immobile in use due to the large burden on the reactor.
  • Vulcan Cannon

System Features

  • Hardpoint
Mounted on the shoulders to allow the Second Victory to equip a wide variety of weapons, including the mega beam cannon and the Minovsky shield.


The Second Victory Gundam was developed by the Zanscare Empire to replicate the technology on the League Militaire's Victory Gundam. Howerver, the unit is stolen by Uso Ewin and used it as his second Mobile Suit.

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  • Sources indicate that Yoshiyuki Tomino did not want to use the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam in the novel adaption, so he created the Second V in its place.
  • Some sources such as the "Gundam Card Collection" (see picture in the gallery above) list the model number of this MS as "LM313V10". However the novel doesn't list any model number at all.

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