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  • Sera




Genetic Type
  • Cyber-Newtype
  • Killed in Action
  • Female
Love Interests
  • Mobile Armor Pilot
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Second Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons

Serein Experi (セレイン・イクスペリ Serein Ikusuperi?) is a fictional character from the SD Gundam G Generation: Monoeye Gundams video game. She pilots the LRX-066 Tera-S'ono.

Personality & Character

Because Serein grew up in a laboratory, she cannot properly communicate with other people. She perceives herself as a "hollow" existence due to this.

Skills & Abilities


A second lieutenant in the Zeon army, Serein was a Newtype pilot raised at the Flanagan Institute. Nicknamed "Sera", Serein Experi's true is name is unknown. During the One Year War, she was a test pilot of the MAN-08 Elmeth and assigned to Siegfried Wedner's unit. She is drawn to Siegried, who strongly recognized her existence as a human being.

Although it was purported that was a Newtype, she was actually a Cyber-Newtype created for Project Seirene. She and Siegfried are betrayed and shot down by Ein Lewi during their retreat to Axis from A Baoa Qu. Initially thought to have died, she survived and became subject to brainwashing by the Titans to only obey Ein.

In the DS version of the story, it is revealed that she only pretended to be brainwashed and voluntarily chose to be a part of "Project Seirene". This was because she could not bear the loneliness of being separated from Sigfried and later depended on the Ein to fill the gap in her heart. After Ein is killed in battle with Sigfried, he carries out Serein's wish of "dying with Ein", thus freeing Siegfried from the past.



  • During the 2nd play-through SP Game, it is possible to rescue Serein depending on the game progress.
  • In the hidden route of SD Gundam G Gen DS, Serein does end up in your party in her mech. Ein's mech ends up in your inventory (but a lack of sign of him raises some questions) and through the game you can fight Siefried and Mian and get them to join the group.