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Voice Actor



Genetic Type
  • Biological CPU
  • 170 cm5.577 ft
    66.929 in
  • 57 kg125.663 lb
Hair Color
  • Green
Eye Color
  • Purple (right)
  • Gold (left)
  • 16
Birth Date
  • September, 71 (C.E.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Ensign (Never Ending Tomorrow)
Mobile Weapons

Shani Andras(シャニ・アンドラス) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


Shani is one of the three "Boosted Men" ('First Generation' Biological CPU) assigned to operate one of the Earth Alliance's new Gundam mobile suits, GAT-X252 Forbidden. As with his comrades, his personal data has been erased from the military's records, although it stands to reason that he was raised and "reprogrammed" in the same facility as the other Biological CPUs.


While piloting Forbidden, the antisocial Shani prefers to fight alone without his teammates interfering, and between missions he puts on his headphones and blocks out the outside world by listening to music.

Skill & Abilities

Shani is a very skilled pilot, although his impulsiveness and anger holds him back in certain situations. On numerous occasions, he showed skills equal to those of Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato.


Battle of Orb

At the battle of Orb, Shani, Clotho Buer (piloting Raider), and Orga Sabnak (piloting Calamity) were decimating Orb's forces. He then attacks and destroys a battleship. When Kira Yamato, piloting the Freedom, arrives, he and his comrades attack and overwhelm Kira. They almost win, until Athrun Zala (piloting the Justice) arrives. Unfortunately, Shani and his fellows began suffering the withdrawal symptoms from the drug that made them Biological CPUs, forcing them to withdraw from the battle to regain the necessary drug to subdue the withdrawal. On the next day, they attacked Orb until Kira arrives, then Athrun comes and balances the battle. That same day they all chase the Kusanagi, until the Freedom & Justice blow them away.

Battle of Mendel Colony

Shani and the others were soon transferred into space aboard the Archangel-class assault ship Dominion, to chase the Archangel and Kusanagi, mainly to capture the Freedom and Justice. They tracked their quarry to the Mendel colony. The three Biological CPUs sortied against the newly formed Three Ships Alliance. Shani/Forbidden attempted to take out the Kusanagi, which was snared on a tether, only to be knocked out of the way by Athrun/Justice. Shani was then forced to retreat as the Kusanagi and Eternal arrived to back up the Archangel.

As the Three Ship Alliance withdrew inside the colony, the Biological CPUs once again sortied, only to be single-handedly fended off by Athrun/Justice. They soon changed objectives after the ZAFT ships deployed a lifepod, containing Flay Allster, who stated over the comms that she has a key that could end the war. Once they brought the lifepod aboard the Dominion, Azrael got info on the Freedom and Justice's N-Jammer Cancellers.

Battle of Jachin Due

Azrael convinced the top brass of the Earth Alliance to use the N-Jammer Canceller technology to launch a nuclear attack on the PLANTs. The Biological CPUs "babysit" the Peacemaker forces, ensuring that no ZAFT forces intercepted them. Shani, in particular, "want[ed] to see all the pretty lights". However, the Freedom and Justice intervened, destroying all the missiles.


Shani was killed by Yzak Joule and the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam after Dearka Elsman damaged the Forbidden`s beam deflectors, then Yzak went in for a kill, prompting Shani to fire the "Hresvelg" plasma induction cannon at him. Yzak blocked this attack with his shield and surprised Shani by rushing out of the remains of the Assault Shroud, following this was a strike with his beam saber right through Forbidden's cockpit, killing Shani instantly.


Notes & Trivia

  • Just like other "Boosted Men", Shani's last name derived from a demon of Ars Goetia, Marquis Andras.
  • Shani's English voice actor, Richard Ian Cox, provides the voice for Allelujah Haptism in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Allelujah, like Shani, was an experiment to create a better soldier. Allelujah also has an alter ego, Hallelujah, who is harsh, sadistic and very unstable. These are similar characteristics to Shani.
  • Shani and Tolle Koenig also share the same English voice actor as well.
  • Shani wears jeans with his Uniform rather than the standard dress pants.
  • Amongst Clotho and Orga, Shani is the youngest of the Biological CPUs at age 16.
  • His hair, which usually covers the left side of his face, conceals the fact that his eyes are different colors. However, both of Shani's eyes can be seen in episode 46 at 18:26.

Shani Andras


Earth Alliance +


16  +

Birth date

55  +

Death date

September 71  +


Cosmic Era  +

Eye Color

Purple  + , Gold  +


Male  +

Genetic Type

Biological CPU  +

Hair Color

Green  +


Mobile Suit Pilot  +

Person Height

170 cm (5.577 ft, 66.929 in)  +

Person Weight

57 kg (125.663 lb)  +


File:Shani.jpg +


Ensign  +


Mobile Suit Gundam SEED + , Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow +


Human  +

Voice Actors

Shunichi Miyamoto  + , Richard Ian Cox  +

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