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The STH-16 Shiden (獅電?) is a mobile suit from the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

A mass production, general purpose model developed by Teiwaz based on the technology accumulated from the development of the Hyakuri and Hyakuren.[1][2] The Shiden's Io Frame was designed from scratch, but as it shares the same design philosophy as the Hyakuri and Hyakuren's Teiwaz Frame, the two appear to be sister machines even to great technicians.[1] Although the Io frame uses Ahab Reactor from the Calamity War era that was recovered from the Debris Zone, it is still extremely valuable as it uses the latest technology in the crafting of its frame material to its design and development.[1]

The Shiden has a good balance of mobility, combat ability and interchangeable equipment.[2] It is geared towards group combat and can be fitted with the right equipment to respond to different environments.[1] Its main head camera has multiple sensors, and is protected by exchangeable visor.[1][3] The strongest point about the Shiden is that it is being further developed.[1] In recognition of Tekkadan's combat abilities, it was given priority deployment of the Shiden at a low cost.[2]


  • JEE-205 130mm Assault Rifle
The standard range weapon of the Shiden, it is stored on the rear skirt armor when not in use.[1]
  • Partizan
Standard melee weapon for shiden developed by the Heavy Industry Department of Teiwaz.[1] Its stock can be extended or retracted so that its attack range can meet the needs of the combat environment.[1]


  • Gauntlet
A small shield mounted on the forearm, its pointed tips allows it to be used as a stabbing melee weapon.[1]
  • Riot Shield
A large shield that can cover half of the mobile suit, it is effective for stronghold defense and convoy protection missions.[1]
  • Highly Sensitive Sensors
The head-mounted main camera contains multiple highly sensitive sensors, it is protected by a visor.[1]
  • Visor
The visor protecting the Shiden's main camera can be exchanged according to the environment.[1] Different visors also have different camera views, and facilitates identification.[3]
  • Antenna
An optional antenna can be fitted to the back of the Shiden's head. [3]

Operational History

Picture Gallery


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