Showdown! Bursting Machine Gun Punch is the thirty fifth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Now that the Devil Gundam is back, Domon requests the help of the Shuffle Alliance. However, they all refuse because the only person they want to fight is Domon.

First up is Chibodee, and he shows Domon his special technique before the match. Domon then trains with Allenby in order to overcome this obstacle.

During the match, Chibodee goes into Hyper Mode and pummels Domon. Domon is excited by this and also goes into Hyper Mode. Chibodee uses his extremely fast Burning Machine Gun Punch, but Domon uses his God Shadow Technique to create multiple copies of the God Gundam, allowing him to withstanding the attack. Domon then uses his Erupting God Finger in order to defeat Chibodee.

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