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The Shrike Team (シュラク隊?) was a unit of all-female mobile suit pilots of the League Militaire that was featured in the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam TV series.


Originally formed by Oliver Inoe, leader of the first Shrike Team, the current Shrike Team mainly consists of skilled female MS pilots led by Junko Jenko. They assist the League Militaire in their military campaign against the Zanscare Empire in the U.C. 150s. By the end of Victory Gundam, all members have died.

Order of Deaths

  1. Helen is killed after being hit directly in the cockpit of her Gun-EZ.
  2. Maheria is killed after her Gun-EZ's cockpit is damaged and subsequently explodes.
  3. Kate is killed when her Gun-EZ takes a fatal beam saber thrust to the cockpit, while her mobile suit was supporting the damaged section of the space port launch rail.
  4. Peggy is killed by Cronicle Asher after trying to save Uso in the Space Colony.
  5. Junko is killed by the exploding bomb that Cronicle Asher left in the mega particle cannon while trying to deactivate it.
  6. The remaining members are killed by Katejina Loos during the Battle of Angel Halo.



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