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Shunsuke Sudou






Hair Color
  • Navy Blue
Eye Color
  • Hazel
  • 18
  • Male
  • Student
  • Build Fighter
Mobile Weapons

Shunsuke Sudou is a character from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters Try

Personality & Character

Shunsuke is a level headed man with strong resolve to win. His resolve goes to the point of asking Minato Sakai to build his Mega-Shiki, therefore forsaking his pride as a builder. He respects his opponents and dislikes when people look down on others like when he told Yomi to stop mocking Gyanko after their match. He is also very respectful of his opponents and a good sport as he offered his hand to Gyanko to shake while introducing himself, he has the best manners of his team.

Skills & Abilities

Shunsuke is a skilled Build Fighter as he was part of the regional champion team during the last tournament.


Shunsuke was defeated by Susumu Sazaki when he was in middle school. As his team was the regional champion last year, they were able to participate in the national tournament. This was also Shunsuke's first national tournament, and the defeat he suffered then caused him to feel inadequate about his building skills.


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