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Sid is a prototype unmanned defense mobile suit first appearing in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memories of Sid and later in the Three Generations Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Sid was built after the Colony Nations Wars to specifically guard the EXA-DB. It is an unmanned mobile suit that acts as a guard to Reuna Inertia and the EXA-DB. Sid's overall design is reminiscent of an insect. Sid features a monoeye sensor, similar to Zalam and Euba units.

It features a control program that incorporates the personality of one of EXA-DB's creators, a scientist named Edol Inertia. However, after EXA-DB is hacked by Fezarl Ezelcant, the program is forced to hunt down the perpetrators of the hacking, effectively turning Sid into a runaway monster that destroys anything approaching EXA-DB. Additionally, a copy of the personality data is sealed within the depths of the control program.

Despite being an old mobile weapon, Sid can easily out-perform and overwhelm almost every mobile weapon created by both the Earth Federation and Vagan in A.G. 164.

Aside from the Sid's massive firepower provided by its beam cannons and missiles, it also has the ability to disappear from plain sight and radar in battle due to the Invisible Umbrella Stealth System, commonly used by Vagan forces. Sid also features the unique ability to repair itself and even "evolve", similar to the AGE System. Instead of battle experience, it use the EXA-DB to evolve. This is done by using small working robots inside its body. 

It has been shown that Sid's overall defensive capabilities are formidable as well. Sid is able to withstand beam shots from the xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis and even DODS Rifle shots, it is currently unknown if this defensive capability can be attributed to a barrier of sorts or Sid's armor.


  • Beam Cannon
Sid is armed with six beam cannons, which are stored on its wings. The beam shots from Sid's beam cannons are able to change their course of fire, in order to hit targets from unexpected directions, thus these cannons are able to perform all-range attacks. The power of the Sid's beam cannon is enough to destroy any mobile suit or battleship with ease. Overall the Sid's beam cannons are a deadly armament, able to take out multiple mobile suits in a single barrage.
Sid's beam cannons can also be emitted continuously for a limited amount of time, allowing them to function as a makeshift long-ranged beam saber.
  • Feather Missile Launcher
Sid mounts sixteen missile launchers on the top part of its wings. These missiles have the ability to lock on to their targets and track their movements. Overall, these missiles increase the Sid's already formidable firepower.

System Features

  • Invisible Umbrella Stealth System
Sid can vanish and reappear in battle with the Invisible Umbrella Stealth System. This technology is commonly used by the Vagan forces. Already a formidable machine, the ability to disappear and reappear for a surprise attack makes Sid a nearly peerless machine.
  • Self Repair System
Sid has the ability of self-repair. Sid can reconstruct and repair any damaged parts after a battle. If the unit is destroyed, it can then be recreated by EXA-DB.


Sid first appeared after Largan Drace and Wivik Lambro encountered it inside the EXA-DB's fortress in A.G. 151. Wivik and Largan were shocked to see the giant mobile suit, Sid, appear in front of them. While in a standstill, the mobile suit then commenced its malicious attack towards the Bisidian forces and Largan's platoon. Asemu Asuno's fleet showed up and attempted to help Largan take down the said mobile suit. But he himself ended up heavily damaging his mobile suit in the process. Wivik managed to escape Sid and entered inside the asteroid, where he discovered Reuna Inertia's cold sleep pod. However, back at the battlefield, Sid had almost destroyed the entire mobile suit fleet, until it was defeated by Wivik using his BMS-005 G-Xiphos. After the battle it's drone begin to repair Sid using parts of the mobile suits it destroyed in the area.

Sid was then repaired sometime following the battle and resumed its position as guardian of the EXA-DB. In A.G. 164, Zeheart in his xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis encountered it during a test run and engaged it in battle, where the Gundam Legilis was able to defeat Sid after unleashing its full power, with some help from Asemu Asuno in the Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound. After the destruction of EXA-DB asteroid, it is seen being repaired by standing on top of EXA-DB core itself.

The Sid once again repaired itself, and appeared in the Battle of La Gramis where it combines with the Vagan Gear to form the "Vagan Gear Sid". The combination of the two units somehow affect the mentality of the Vagan Gear's pilot, Zera Gins, causing him to attack both friends and foes alike. The rampaging Vagan Gear Sid is later destroyed by the AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX aided by Earth Federation and Vagan mobile suit forces after Kio managed to unleash Gundam AGE-FX's Burst Mode to maximum power, saving its pilot and destroying the La Gramis fortress at the same time, bringing the war between Vagan and the Earth Federation Forces to a peaceful conclusion.


  • Sid Slave
A miniaturized drone version of Sid, it can operate independently and is capable of strategic attacks. It is only featured in the fourth novel and Memories of Sid.

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Notes and Trivia

  • With its ability to evolve and modify its design, Sid is like a mobile, self-contained AGE System and AGE Builder.
  • A similar idea is shared by the JDG-00X Devil Gundam from the G Gundam series in that it, along with being large and formidable, would repair itself after taking enough damage and that it would "evolve" to better fit the situation. It also had the ability to change the minds of anyone it came into contact with as shown with the many mobile suits protecting it and people that the protagonist of the series and his allies ran into.
  • With a monoeye and the ability to repair itself, Sid somewhat resembles the GNC-666 Balbadoro from SD Gundam G Generation Overworld.
  • Similar to Sid gaining control over the Vagan Gear, the Regenerate Gundam's Core unit has a similar ability to take control of another unit by attaching to it.


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