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The Smashion is a featured in the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. It utilized as a space transport to move between the Earth and Jupiter Sphere.


The Smashion was a Civilian Transport Cruiser, one of these transports was used in 0133 U.C. to transport some transfer students from the Earth Sphere to the Jupiter Sphere as part of an exchange program. However just as the transport arrived in the Jupiter Sphere it came under attack by a group known as the Crossbone Vanguard. However not wanting to feel helpless, one student launched in a EMS-06 Batara help protect the ship. But soon after he launched his unit was heavily damaged by the XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1, and was forced to return to the ship. But on his return he discovered that the ship in fact was being used to ferry Poison Gas.

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