Sousou Gundam
Sousou Gundam
Alias(es) The Crimson General
Eye Color Green
Nationality Mirisha
Affiliation(s) Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])
Family Souhi Gundam(Son)
Military Info
Allegiance Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])
Rank General
Mobile Unit(s)


The Crimson General

A forceful person who shows gifted abilities in all aspects, a general with a noble spirit who will not resort to cowardly acts. A charismatic leader with absolute leadership power who is talked about among allies and enemies. He called upon the assembly of the Anti-Toutaku Allied Army, took up the role of overall commander and led them to battle at Korou Fortress. At Korou Fortress he fought with Ryofu.


In Gekitotsu hen, Sousou activated the Tengyokugai Enhou and with it defeated the Kishuu Troops. The Gyokuji flew off after that. He started the Southward Campaign with the Keishuu Troops. In the battle of the Red Cliffs, Shiba-i Sazabi presented the Seihouken (星凰剣), a sword that rivals the Ryuuteiken, to him which he used to crush Ryuubi. The fight continues when Ryuubi revives as the Shouretsutei. With the Tengyokugai Enhou he was on par with Ryuubi then Shiba-I's betrayal by seizing the Shinkahihou (神火飛鳳) planning to use it to burn Mirisha. Knowing that he has lost, he went to stop the self-destruction of the Shinkahihou with Ryuubi. Current whereabouts unknown. In the Comic World version, he is revealed to have been in hiding as a cloaked figure and challenges Shibai and Souhi's actions. A similar character in the main manga have been observing the new Giga troops and encouraging Bachou Blue Destiny, before being forced to reveal himself as Sousou. In the Comic World version, there isn't the Seihouken.


Sousou Gundam uses the Blazing Blade (a.k.a Enkotsujin (炎骨刃)) as his weapon at first. He started to use the Seventhe Star Sword while he is fighting Toutaku Zaku, which Shiba-i Sazabi presented to him in the TV version. The sword is later awakened into the Star Pheonix Sword along with Sonken's Majestic Fang Sword. Ryubi Gundam's Imperial Dragon Sword also awakened into the Super Imperial Dragon Sword at the same time. In the comic version, Shiba-i Sazabi gave him the Seihouken rather than the Seventhe Star Sword during the battle of Red Cliffs.

Notes and trivia

Sousou Gundam's actor is GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X. His trademark is his crimson mantle which looks like the deployed Satellite System. In the manga it was shown that his armor in his earlier days lack the antlers decoration and the high collar. The mantle can be used to protect Sousou Gundam from brutal attacks.