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A Space Pirate Ship appears in the series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Despite the questionable condition of the Earth sphere during the Future Century, mankind had begun to extend its reach out into the rest of the solar system. As with the orbital colony effort, this led to its own problems, and one of the major ones was piracy.

One such pirate band, led by Argo Gulskii, utilized a distinctive Space Pirate Ship. It mounted a series of turrets over the length of its body, with at least four mounted on protruding arms that formed a roughly crossbone shape. Another pair of turrets were mounted on the ventral surface in front of the conning tower, with yet another pair of guns mounted in the underside of the forward bow.

In FC 55, a fleet of Space Guard Boats pursued the ship into orbit around Saturn. The chase led them through the planet's rings and right into a security outpost operated by Andrew and Norma Graham. The collision of the pirate ship with the station led to the death of Norma, and the subsequent destruction of the station.

Argo and his crew were eventually captured and imprisoned by Neo Russia, leading Argo to make a deal for their safety: should he compete in and win the 13th Gundam Fight, his friends would be released. Upon hearing of this, Andrew also entered the Gundam Fight, determined have a showdown with Argo, and avenge his wife.


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