Steel Dragon
Steel Dragon sdgf
Nationality Lacroa
Family Feather Dragon
Military Info
Allegiance Deed
Occupation Sacred Beast

The Steel Dragon (スティールドラゴン) is one of the Sacred Beasts of Lacroa in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Sibling to Fenn, the Steel Dragon is equal in power. As Fenn's features hint at his destined link with Zero, the Steel Dragon fits with Deed's 'grim reaper' look. When merged with Deed, the Steel Dragon's tail becomes a large scythe for his master. The Dragon appears to disagree with Deed's evil acts. After the battle high in the sky against Zero, he unmerges from his master and leaves Deed to fall to his death. He then collides with Fenn to produce a dimensional gate that sends the Gundamusai back into the Minov Boundary Sea.

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