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  • 52
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  • Male
  • Captain of the Garencieres
  • Lieutenant
  • (called "Captain" as commanding officer of the Garencieres)
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Suberoa Zinnerman (スベロア・ジンネマン Suberoa Jinneman?)} is the Captain of the Garencieres of the Neo Zeon remnant forces in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


Captain of Garencieres, the ship of "The Sleeves" which is disguised as a cargo ship. He is a battle-scarred Zeon veteran of the One Year War, endearingly called "Captain" by his subordinates. He fought in the African front until the end of the war, later being forced into prison life. During that time, his family lived in Globe city in Side 3, whose inhabitants were being ruthlessly slaughtered by Federation occupation forces. His wife and child were among those killed. Zinnerman was devastated upon learning the existence of circulated video footage related to their deaths, and so he continued fighting as a soldier with his subordinates. He pursued the individual who spread the video, eventually traced to a brothel, and discovering a debilitated girl in the process. Zinnerman took her away, becoming her adoptive father and giving her the name "Marie", the name of his deceased daughter. She would later be known as his subordinate, Marida Cruz. After the end of the Gryps Conflict he was charged with protecting Mineva Lao Zabi.[1]

In U.C. 0096, the Neo Zeon remnant group, "The Sleeves", travels to Side 4's Industrial 7 colony, so that its captain, Zinnerman, can meet with the Vist Foundation leader, Cardeas Vist, to receive "Laplace's Box", a mysterious object that is rumored to hold a secret that could lead to the downfall of the Earth Federation.

En route, the Garencieres was being pursued by a Londo Bell Clop-class, which dispatched three Jegan to intercept. Zinnerman sent Marida Cruz out in the NZ-666 Kshatriya to deal with the mobile suits, but ordered her to ignore the mothership, being confident that the Garencieres could outrun it; he was further annoyed that Marida called him master. Once Marida/Kshastriya was successful in dispatching the Jegans, she returned to the Garencieres.

The Garencieres soon made it to Industrial 7 and dispatched a Gearu Zulu to prepare for the contingency should the meeting be a trap. However, the crew soon learned that Princess Mineva Lao Zabi had in fact stole aboard. Marida blamed herself for not noticing this, but Zinnerman corrected her; he bears responsibility as the commanding officer of the ship. He sent Marida and a few others to find the princess before she could make contact with Vist, but they suffered interference from a civilian named Banagher Links.

After Marida's failure, they received a change in the meeting point with Vist. Zinnerman, Flaste Schole and two of his subordinate met with Vist in person in his own mansion. However, Vist revealed that they weren't actually handing Laplace's Box over to them, but actually its key. A confused Zinnerman then prods Vist about the underhanded activities his Foundation was involved in. Vist reminds him that the Zeon leader acknowledge the value of what they are offering, which is why they sent Zinnerman to receive it. Zinnerman admits that with the precarious state Neo Zeon is in, they need to seize the moment and would be disappointed if things go sour. Vist then changed the subject by asking Zinenrman if he believed in the existence of Newtypes. Zinnerman admitted that he's seen amazing things on the battlefield that can't be easily explained. Vist then went onto a history lesson about how Zeon Zum Deikun's development of Newtypes led to the One Year War, the Gryps Conflict and the first and second Neo Zeon Wars. Laplace's Box has the potential to change the future for the better or make the future that was envisioned at the start of the Universal Century. For that reason, the Vist family is handing over the key to Neo Zeon as a test. Vist then warns Zinnerman that if he thinks that the box will restore the Principality of Zeon, then it will never reveal its contents.

Suddenly, the mansion is rocked by a tremor. Vist's right-hand man Gael Chan then picked up a phone and reports to him that Londo Bell has invaded the colony. Thinking this to be a trap, Zinnerman drew his gun. As Gael stepped in front of Vist, the latter denied it, thinking that Zinnerman must have been followed, even though neither of them could prove it. Zinnerman demanded that Mineva be returned to them, to which Vist admitted that he was intending to return her from the start and explained that she was in his mansion. Zinnerman mused that it is difficult now for either one of them to trust each other. He then ended the stalemate and decided to flee. Unfortunately, Federation commandoes had infiltrated the mansion and killed two of Zinnerman's subordinates. By coincidence, they ran into Banagher, who was looking for Mineva. Zinnerman stopped Schole from nearly shooting the boy.

Zinnerman and Schole received transport from a Gearu Zulu and they went out into space to signal to Marida/Kshatriya to retreat. Once back aboard the Garencieres, Zinnerman contacted Lieutenant Angelo Sauper, who reprimanded him for failing to retrieve Laplace's Box or the princess. Zinnerman admitted that none of this could have been anticipated and advises that they wait until they hear from the latter. Angelo took it that Zinnerman was suggesting that they just stand by and do nothing, only for the Captain Full Frontal to interject, musing that the mobile suit Marida fought was a Gundam. Deciding to see this for himself, Frontal ordered Zinnerman to find the Federation mothership, the Nahel Argama, believing that it was carrying the key to Laplace's Box, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Zinnerman complies, promising to make up for this mistake even if it costs him his life. Frontal advises him not to let mistakes weigh him down.

The Garencieres was successful in locating the Nahel Argama by tricking it into destroying a derelict Salamis-class, exposing their location. Zinnerman then had the coordinates sent to the Rewloola, which soon proceeded to attacking the Nahel Argama. Marida/Kshatriya sortied as well and was successfully able to capture the Unicorn when it came out to face Frontal/Sinanju.

Once they safely returned to the asteroid colony Palau, Zinnerman and his crew successful pried out the Unicorn's pilot, surprisingly Banagher and interrogated him. Once Banagher told them all he knew, Zinnerman and Marida brought him before Frontal himself. Frontal congratulated Zinnerman for a job well done. Bu as the latter turned to leave, Marida didn't budge, wanting to know what Frontal would do with the revelation that Mineva was being held hostage. Frontal promised that they would be able to get her back with both diplomacy and force. Zinnerman and Marida then left Frontal's study to leave alone for his talk with Banagher, before they were called back in to escort the young boy out. However, Banagher demanded one last question to Frontal: was Frontal really Char Aznable? Frontal answered to the boy that he sees himself as a vessel for the hopes of the spacenoids and the ideals of Zeon.


Crying because you care is an entirely different matter. I don't trust anyone who never cries. That's my philosophy...

—Suberoa Zinnerman to a crying Banagher Links[2][3]

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