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List of characters in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Super Dimensional Guard

Dark Axis





Kuchi Kuchi and the Duel Force

Duplicate Neotopia


Kuchi Kuchi as Bit-da-Elrello and inhabitants of Duplicate Neotopia

  • Acgtank
  • Balloon Zock
  • Cursed Gogg
  • Destroyer Kampfer
  • Duel Captain
  • Fort Braw Bro
  • Gelgoog Sniper
  • Gyan Commander
  • Hy-Gogg Assassin
  • Spin Adzam
  • Volt Acguy

Duplicate Lacroa


Kuchi Kuchi as Crystal-da-Libra and inhabitants of Duplicate Lacroa

  • Bishop Taurus
  • Chief Maganac
  • Duel Zero
  • Heavy Knight Virgo
  • Knight Scorpio
  • Maganac
  • Mage Taurus
  • Master Mereate
  • Mirror Tallgeese
  • Pawn Aries
  • Serpent Golem

Duplicate Ark


Kuchi Kuchi as Da-Rama-Dara and inhabitants of Duplicate Ark

  • Cannon Busshi
  • Duel Maru
  • Fallen Warrior
  • Kairikimaru
  • Karakurimaru
  • Minaret Saber
  • Pesca Tengu
  • Phantom Moth
  • Skullmaru
  • Vagabond Nobusshi

Dimensional Pirate


The Dimension Halo and De'Scar pirates

  • Chick-Yarju
  • Cuntei
  • Da-Goola
  • Duel Master
  • Geekeng
  • Gu-Zoola
  • Jababa
  • Kuchi Kuchi
  • Shasha
  • Shatarn
  • Zooloo
  • Zoolooati
  • Zooloodia

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