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TMF/A-802 P-Mod.W BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type is a commander custom ground assault mobile suit, it is featured in the original design series SEED-MSV, and made an appearance in various Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY sidestories.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variant of the TMF/A-802 BuCUE used by "Desert Tiger", Andrew Waltfeld, it is strengthened for close combat with the addition of two head mounted saber fangs (giving the suit the appearance of a saber-toothed cat) and foreleg mounted leg spikes. Unlike the normal BuCUE, BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type is equipped with a two-seat cockpit for both a pilot and a gunner. It also has modified power and drive system, and complementing these modifications are changes to the materials used in certain parts of the unit. As a result, its output is improved by 17% and the maximum moving speed, when the treads are not used, is increased by 21%. These give it better maneuverability and close combat capability, but on the flipside, its balance is not as good as BuCUE's and makes controlling the unit difficult. Besides the saber fangs and leg spikes, the BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type also mounts the same back-mounted 13-tube missile launcher as the normal BuCUE, which could be switched for the railguns. Although ZAFT was already studying beam weaponry at this time, this BuCUE variation does not feature any but its modified power system was designed to be capable of supporting beam sabers. It was originally a testbed for TMF/A-803 LaGOWE, with the two-seater cockpit and a power system ready for beam weapon being evidence of this, and not intended for combat deployment. The suit is stored in Gibraltar base when the TMF/A-803 LaGOWE is ready and later is passed to Kisato Yamabuki, who replaced the missile launcher with manipulator arms for scavenging work.


  • 2-barrel 450mm Railgun
One of two weapons that can be mounted on the unit's back, these two barrel railguns use electricity, rather than gunpowder, to accelerate the projectiles, giving them a stronger impact and longer range than other weaponry. Due to the unit's quadruped design, it is able to fire steadily, without worry of recoil or kickback.
  • 13-tube 400mm Missile Launcher
The other weapon that can be mounted on the unit's back, it contains missiles that are larger and stronger than the missiles used by most mobile suits.
  • Leg Spikes
A pair of spikes mounted on the foot of each forelegs. They increase the close combat capability of the unit.
  • Saber Fang
A pair of head mounted fangs that were designed for close combat. However, due to usage and transport issues it was not adopted by other BuCUE variants.


BuCUE Waltfeld Custom Type was originally a testbed for LaGOWE, it was forcefully appropriated by Andrew Waltfeld due to its high performance. It was used by Waltfeld until he received his TMF/A-803 LaGOWE, the BuCUE Waltfeld Custom was then put into storage at Gibraltar base. The unit was later used by Serpent Tail's Elijah Kiel and Loretta Adja, upon the request of Martin DaCosta, to save Lowe Guele and his friend from a trap set up by Blue Cosmos terrorists. Afterwards, the unit was acquired by the Junk Guild, who replaced the missile launcher with manipulator arms for scavenging work. This new version would be piloted by Kisato Yamabuki, and stored on the ReHOME. She among others used the suit in space to assist Lowe Guele and his MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame in a battle against Rondo Gina Sahaku in his MBF-P01-ReAMATU Astray Gold Frame Amatsu. Kisato got assistance from the holographic George Glenn, but due to the fact that the BuCUE was poorly outfitted for space use, it was easily defeated by Rondo, although Kisato was able to cause minor damage to the Coordinator's suit.

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