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TS-MA4F Exus

Unit Type

Prototype Multi-Vector Assault Space Mobile Armor




Model Number
  • TS-MA4F
Developed from
First Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Length
  • 20.11 meters
Standard Weight
  • 45.39 metric tons
  • Ultracompact Eneryg Battery
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only, in standard cockpit
  • GAU-M2S 38.5mm Machine Gun
  • M54 "Archer" Quadruple Missile Launcher
  • MAU-M3 Dual Linear Gun
  • 4 x M16M-D4 Gunbarrel
    • 4 x GAU-868L2 Dual Beam Gun (1 per pod)
    • 4 x DE-RXM91C Field Edge "Horned Moon" (1 per pod)

The TS-MA4F Exus is a Mobile Armor featured in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Based upon the TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero, the Exus features similar weapons that have been vastly improved. Mounted on the main body is a single GAU-M2S 38.5mm machine gun, an M54 "Archer" quadruple missile launcher and a MAU-M3 dual linear gun. Its most powerful and important weapon is the set of four wire-guided gunbarrel pods that can be remotely controlled by the pilot. Each gunbarrel features a GAU-868L2 dual beam gun and beam cutters of type DE-RXM91C Field Edge "Horned Moon". These weapons allow the pilot not only to simultaneously attack the enemy from different angles and range but also to close in on the enemy when the beam cutter is activated.


  • GAU-M2S 38.5mm Machine Gun
A small rapid-firing ballistic weapon located on the body of the Exus. Mainly used for shooting down missiles and weakly armored enemies.
  • M54 "Archer" Quadruple Missile Launcher
A small missile pod, located on the body of the Exus. Provides a stronger ballistic weapon, to travel longer distances. Can destroy weaker armored enemies, but mostly ineffective against Phase-Shift Armor.
  • MAU-M3 Dual Linear Gun
A pair of long-barreled ballistics weaponry located on the front of the Exus. Functions much like a railgun, capable of firing long distances, with great power. Capable of damaging even Phase-Shift enemies.
  • M16M-D4 Gunbarrel
Remote-weaponry that is connected to the Exus via wiring, a set of four gunbarrels gives the Exus the capability of fighting multiple enemies at once, or provide barrages and multi-directional flanking.
  • GAU-868L2 Dual Beam Gun
A pair of beam weapons mounted on each Gunbarrel gives the remote-weapons the necessary firepower to easily damage and destroy even the more strongly armored enemies and Phase-Shift using units.
  • DE-RXM91C Field Edge "Horned Moon"
The most unique feature of the Exus, each Gunbarrel has a pair of beam blades that are capable of slicing through even strongly armored enemies.


One Exus is piloted by Neo Roanoke, commander of the Earth Alliance's 81st Independent Mobile Battalion, an elite force sent to capture the three new Gundam prototypes developed by ZAFT. It first saw action in CE 73 when Roanoke went out in this mobile armor to buy some more time for his team members to escape from Armory One. During the attack he used his Exus to destroy several enemy units guarding the colony.

When the new ZAFT battleship Minerva engaged the Phantom Pain in the Debris Belt, Roanoke again launched in his mobile armor and fought against Rey Za Burrel in his ZAKU Phantom. When Phantom Pain descended to Earth, Roanoke switched his mobile armor and started to use a custom colored GAT-04 Windam.

Another such unit was piloted by Morgan Chevalier, who used his Exus to guard a shuttle containing Bernadette Leroux and Edward Harrelson. Both were considered criminals and sent to an Alliance base on Earth, but on its way the shuttle got attacked by the RGX-04 Proto-Savior- piloted by Ile De Llorar. Morgan used his Exus to fight against it, but Llorar was able to destroy all of the gunbarrels of Morgan's unit. The battle ended when Llorar was driven away by Jean Carry.

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