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TSX-MA717/ZD Pergrande

Unit Type

Limited Production Mobile Armor


Photo Novel


Model Number
  • TSX-MA717/ZD

General Characteristics

  • Ultracompact nuclear fission reactor
Pilot Accommodations
  • 3 pilots, 1 in each Manned pod
  • 3 x DRAGOON pod
    • 2x Large beam cannon
    • 2x Beam gun
  • 3 x Manned pod
    • Large beam cannon
    • 2x Beam gun
Special Equipments and Features

The TSX-MA717/ZD Pergrande is a Mobile Armor in the Cosmic Era timeline. It appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray B and in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The only weapon system installed on the Pergrande is the DRAGOON system, which however is a unique variant of the system used in other Mobile Suits. Besides this weapon system, the MA also features Phase Shift armor for protection against shell firing weapons and a nuclear reactor for extended operation use. To work under the influence of Neutron Jammers, the Pergrande is also equipped with a Neutron Jammer Canceller.

The whole unit is essentially made up of three modules, the core unit which contains the nuclear reactor and N-Jammer Canceller, the three DRAGOON pods mounted at the top and lastly, the three manned pods at the bottom which also contains the cockpit for the pilots. The DRAGOON and manned pods can detach and operate indepedently, but the latter is detached only in emergency situations as doing so would render the DRAGOON system inoperable.


Originally, the DRAGOON sytem was designed to allow a single pilot to coordinate multiple attacks from numerous locations. However unlike the true DRAGOON system and Gunbarrel system, which requires one with heightened spatial awareness (regardless of being a Coordinator or Natural), the modified DRAGOON system used on the Pergrande utilizes three pilots that have been synchronized through surgical means to increase the pool of possible users. This system links the pilots' brainwave together and each of them controls one of the X, Y, and Z coordinates necessary to utilize the pods. As a result, the system is operable only when the three pilots are linked together to the core unit. The MA is equipped with a total of three DRAGOON pods, each heavily armed with two large beam cannons, a single beam cannon, and two beam guns.
  • Manned pod
Similar in appearance and armaments to the DRAGOON pods, three of them are mounted at the bottom of the MA and is controlled directly by a pilot each. They are detachable but this would unlink the pilots from each other and make the DRAGOON pods inoperable. As a result, this is only done in emergency situations.


The Pergrande was a prototype MA created by the Azrael Financial Group (National Industrial Alliance) to protect one of their asteroid factories. In Latin, the Pergrande means "huge", and indeed, this mobile armor was very big and powerful, and its presence meant that no MS and warship can attack the asteroid factory. However, this changed when Serpent Tail is employed to destroy the factory. Gai Murakumo equipped his Blue Frame Second L with a Positron Blaster Cannon and brought his suit into the range of the Pergrande's own N-Jammer Canceller, allowing him to destroy the MA and the factory with a single shot.

In CE 74, the Pergrande was put into limited mass production, with several units being used to guard the space station of Logos member Matis Adukurf. The armors however were destroyed by the combined efforts of the Serpent Tail and Canard Pars.

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