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  • Fisherman
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Taman is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. He first appears on the Earth along with other member of a fishing village that has taken to operating as agents for Neo Zeon, but not long after the Argama appears, he severs ties with them.


Taman appeared in a small boat in southern Africa. The Argama had just re-entered the atmosphere and made an aquatic landing in the area. He signaled the Argama by flashing a light at their bridge, indicating that he would lead them to a safe harbor for 5,000 gilla. Bright agreed, thinking that it was a fair price and Judau, somewhat disgruntled at the time ran off and joined him on the boat after Taman had received payment from Beecha and Mondo.

Believing Judau to be a deserter Taman quickly accepted him as a friend and the two went back to his home where his sister Anu was waiting. He told her about how he got the money from the Argama, but soon learns that Neo Zeon has offered payment for the locals to assist them in an aquatic attack on the Argama. Feeling that the Argama incites the war that he hates, Taman agrees despite Anu's pleas.

Taman goes to the Neo Zeon base, pursued by Judau and Anu. Judau confronts him there on the fact that he is attacking the Argama even after taking money from them. Taman tells Judau that he has no choice and manages to punch him out before jumping into an AMX-109 Capule. He then leads both the other fishermen and Neo Zeon pilots in the MS force to attack the Argama.

Judau and Puru pursue him in the ZZ Gundam's Core Fighter and dock with Elle in her other components to form the MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam. Taman engages him and continues fighting, despite the fact that one of his companions in an RMS-192M Zaku Mariner was shot down and killed for attempting to desert. Judau points this out to him and tries to convince him that if he hates war he shouldn't be fighting and that the conflict is the result of Neo Zeon's actions. In the end Judau succeeds and Taman rams his Capule into the small zeon base where the Zaku Mariners are located in order to destroy the Zeon weapons fortunately he is able to open his cockpit and escape before the Capule impacts and returns to his sister telling her and Judau that he will never fight again.