The TK-53 Tekkadan New Mobile Worker is a mobile weapon featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Seemingly an improved/upgraded version of the TK-53 CGS Mobile Worker, it possesses higher firepower in the form of a pair of 60mm cannons. The cannons can be replaced with a pair of missile pods if necessary.


  • 60mm Cannon
The Tekkadan New Mobile Worker possess two 60mm cannons on either sides. They are stronger than the CGS Mobile Worker's machine guns.
  • Missile Pod
The pair of 60mm cannons can be replaced with a pair of 8-tube missile pods when required.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Alaya-Vijnana System
An organic device system, it is an old type of man-machine interface. Apparently, the system was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the abilities of mobile suit, however it is also possible to use the system for piloting mobile worker. The system consisted of two parts, one part is installed in the mobile worker, and the other part (informally referred to as "Whiskers") is implanted into the pilot’s spine (usually at a young age as the implant only fuse with growing children). Thanks to this system, the pilot can be connected to the mobile worker's computer and directly process its data. It also allows the pilot (even uneducated ones) to operate the mobile worker without reading the instruction manual. The implant in the pilot also enhances spatial awareness.


Several Tekkadan New Mobile Workers were used by Eugene and other members of Tekkadan (including ex-Brewer members who have joined the group) when they landed on earth to support Orga's attempt to break through Gjallarhorn's defense and enter the city of Edmonton. They were later used against the Dawn Horizon Corp's attack on the Admoss Company's mine.




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