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Tenshihou Shiba-i Sazabi
Alias(es) The awakened purgatory phoenix
Eye Color Green
Gender Male
Nationality Mirisha
Affiliation(s) Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])
Family Shiba-Shi Penelope (First son)

Shiba-Shou Xi (Second son)

Shiba-En Zaku II (Third son)

Military Info
Allegiance Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])
Occupation Strategist

Tenshihou Shiba-i Sazabi (天熾鵬 司馬懿サザビー?) is a fictional character from BB Senshi Sangokuden.


The form of Giga Taifu Shiba-i Sazabi when he obtains the "Ultimate Darkness", as written in the G Records, by assimilating Shuu Gundam's soul. In the manga version, he calls himself "The Phoenix that lights the Heavens". Besides his normal strategist mode, he can change to the Purgatory Phoenix mode.

The true motive of Shiba-i is to become God himself and recreate a new world but he was stopped by Koumei (Kong Ming) and ultimately destroyed.

Notes & Trivia

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