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Cagalli tries to prevent her country from joining the Earth Alliance but the Orb council, especially the Seiran family, is against her wish to stay neutral. In the PLANTs, Athrun meets Yzak and Dearka and remembers the past while ZAFT prepares to send troops to Earth. The Minerva is warned by Andrew Waltfeld that they should leave Orb at once, because the country will ally itself with the Earth Alliance soon.


The Supreme Council of the PLANTs decide to attack the Earth Alliance surrounding Gibraltar and Carpentaria.Durandal states, however, that this invasion is not a retaliation but rather the “exercise of an aggressive right of self-defense,” and tries to prevent the war from spreading.

At the same time, the Orb government is about to conclude an alliance with the Atlantic Federation. Cagalli insists not to ally with them, but then was asked to “consider the safety of Orb’s citizens as a top priority instead of traditions, justice, or a just argument.” She had no choice but to back down.

In the meantime, Athrun is staying at a PLANT and is reunited with Yzak and Dearka. The two were sent to escort and monitor Athrun. Together they visit the grave of their former comrades Nicol and others, and Yzak strongly suggests Athrun to come back to ZAFT.

Andrew Waltfeld perceives the PLANT’s drop operations and the responding alliance between Orb and the Atlantic Federation, and sends an anonymous warning to the Minerva. Talia decides to leave Orb and the Minerva departs the following morning. But the Alliance’s fleet was already waiting for the Minerva outside the territorial waters.

Meanwhile,Cagalli is disappointed with herself for not being strong enough. Yuna gently tells her, “I’ll always be here for you…as your husband.”



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