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Rey and Shinn are arrested, but Chairman Durandal orders the charges dropped. Stella is given the GFAS-X1 Destroy mobile armor, and levels three cities, including Berlin.


Shinn has violated military regulations which would normally lead to execution by firing squad. Both Shinn and Rey are locked up in the Minerva’s brig. But Shinn does not believe he did anything wrong and does not listen to what Talia or Athrun have to say.

Aboard Archangel, Cagalli and the former Orb soldiers make a fresh resolve. But Kira thinks about Lacus and Athrun and suffers alone. Murrue joins him and encourages him with gentle words.

Meanwhile, Neo is released from his duties to pursue the Minerva and heads to Russia under a new assignment. Neo feels bad for not being able to keep his promise with Shinn, but he gives a huge variable mobile suit Destroy Gundam to the regenerated Stella and tells her to fight in a new battlefield.

On the Minerva, a message is received from headquarters regarding Shinn and Rey’s punishment. The outcome is…no prosecution. Talia was hoping to spare them from execution, but she becomes furious when she realizes Durandal had arranged for this amnesty. Shinn is released, and his cockiness, especially his rude behavior toward Athrun escalates.

Destroy Gundam spearheads the operation and the Earth Alliance starts its invasion to Western Eurasia. Receiving this report, the Minerva and the Archangel take action as well.


Mobile Weapon

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