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The Final Power (最後の力 Saigo no Chikara?, Translated as The Last Power in the HD Remaster) is the 50th and final episode of the original broadcast of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.


Act One

Episode 49 of the HD Remaster

Kira in the Strike Freedom is confronted by Rey in the Legend. Meanwhile, Athrun in the Infinite Justice battles Lunamaria in the Impulse and Shinn in the Destiny. Requiem is destroyed in a joint effort of the Infinite Justice and Mu in the Akatsuki.

Act Two

Combined with Final Plus to form episode 50 of the HD Remaster

The combined efforts of the Archangel and the Infinite Justice, damage the Minerva, causing it to crash onto the Moon. Durandal and Kira confront each other in the collapsing Messiah. Durandal is shot by Rey, and Captain Gladys orders Kira to leave as she, Rey and Durandal are killed when the Messiah falls to the Moon surface. The war then ends.

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