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Stella is brought aboard the Minerva for medical treatment, while the Archangel works at getting Lacus and Andrew Waltfeld back into space.


Gaia Gundam’s pilot was Stella. Shinn is perplex by this fact, however, carries her to the Minerva’s infirmary on his own authority. Talia lectures Shinn for violating military regulations as the doctor who examined Stella calls Talia to report the result. He explains that she is one of the Extended of the Earth Alliance. Because of her abnormal count of body substance, he is not sure how effective their medicine will be. Her memories have been manipulated as well which is why she doesn’t remember the incident with Shinn. Hearing this, Shinn becomes very upset. Athrun thinks about his recent meeting with Kira and feels depressed. Meanwhile, Lunamaria looks at the disc from her covert surveillance of Athrun and Kira, and wonders what she should do.

Elsewhere, Neo is instructed to write Stella off as a loss and reluctantly orders to remove all memories of Stella from Sting and Auel’s brains. Shinn visits Stella in the infirmary with the small shell she gave him in his hand. She suddenly wakes up and finally remembers him.

On Archangel,Lacus decides to go to the PLANTs. Lacus, along with Waltfeld, hijack Meer’s shuttle returning to the PLANTs and take off into space, leaving a worried Kira behind.


Mobile Weapon

Gundam SEED Destiny Episodes

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