While on a recovery mission in the Sea of Lorelei, Olba Frost and an Orc captain named Marcus Guy come across a mysterious woman in a sealed container resting on the bottom of the ocean floor. Unsure as to who she is, Olba contacts his brother for information, and as the two brothers try to resolve what is going on the Orc submarine that Olba is on encounters the Freeden. Lead by Tiffa, the Freeden comes under attack by the Orc ship and its mobile suits, the Gundams holding out till Olba enters the battle in his own Gundam. Captured by the massive scissor claws of the Ashtaron, Garrod is helpless in its grasp till all power to his mobile suits and those around him mysteriously shuts off. While on the bridge of the Freeden, Tiffa stands before Jamil and introduces herself as Lucille Liliant...

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