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The Minerva arrives at the Mahamul base, and Captain Gladys discusses plans with commander Joachim Ruddle to fly through to Gibraltar. Athrun meets Shinn on the Minerva's deck and they talk about the responsibility of having power.


The fugitive Archangel found shelter with the Kingdom of Scandinavia. Murrue and the others discuss their future, but there are so many unknowns about the current situation. With the assassination attempt on Lacus and the appearance of fake Lacus, they are skeptical of Durandal. Cagalli worries about Athrun whose whereabouts remain unknown after heading to a PLANT.

Elsewhere, the Minerva arrives at ZAFT’s Mahamul base which is the front line to invade Suez. The objective of this plan is to seize the Lohengrin Gate in the Gulnahan ravine that is positioned to protect the Alliance’s power plant. The only path to Suez is through this ravine, and it is defended by huge positron cannon and a mobile armor equipped with a positron deflector shield. Since the Minerva is ordered to head to Gibraltar, they need to break through this deadly place.

And if they succeed, Suez will be isolated and become weakened. Talia speculates on Chairman Durandal’s true intention of directing the Minerva here but still feels determined to give this plan her all.

Meanwhile, Shinn and Athrun are in conflict again. Shinn was reprimanded by Athrun after the battle in the Indian Ocean, but he still had reservations. He still stubbornly thinks he made the right judgment… Athrun can do nothing but sigh.



Gundam SEED Destiny Episodes

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