• SuperSajuuk
    SuperSajuuk removed this thread because:
    Harassment and accusing myself of making dupes when having no evidence whatsoever.
    15:00, February 4, 2013

    I'm sorry to be contacting you here, I really didn't want to do it on naruto wikia and stir up any more issues. (I'm sorry to the Gundam wikia users in advance if I'm breaking any of your policies) I know you implemented the sockpuppet policy on the wikia and I can't help but shake the feeling that Users Norleon and Speysider may be the same person, could you run a check(?) somehow and find out?

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    • I doubt this is the case, but i'll ask for a yes/no from staff.

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    • Can you provide a list of things (edit links) that make you suspect they are the same person? Wikia wants that to do the check.

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    • It's not as "clear cut" in the manner it was with past editors and it was kind of more due to their styles of editing and such which may mean that I jumped the gun in coming to you. I'll see if I can pull up hard evidence though, but if it becomes too much of a hassle, feel free to abandon it.

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    • What the fuck ? Cerez, stop hounding people. I didn't create a sockpuppet and I would have NO REASON to make one. Please delete this thread as it's insulting to be talked about behind my back. Stop going to the wiki's of Narutopedia's administrators and using them to have users banned from NP. This has got nothing to do with Gundam Wiki and doesn't belong here. If I ever see you do this again, I won't have any hesitation to have you blocked for intimidating behaviour and going to other wiki's to have editors blocked for no reason at all.

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