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  • In my case, I've grown more than interested in Gihren, Gihren, Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha by User:Wing Zero Alpha, and Mobile Suit Gundam: A Different UC 0079 by User:Zakuboy0079 which are both found on in the anime category of Gundam UC as in the Universal Century. The first is a Point of View of Gihren Zabi that the writer uses to interpret him in a little more humanely idealistically than the complete monster that showed no remorse as he was shown to be in canon, the second is a retooled version of the franchise in a farther, galaxy-wide future, and the third one is an AU of a world where Zeon Zum Deikun survived the assassination and lived to lead the Republic of Zeon which would include Amuro Ray and the first six of the seven Space colony (UC) sides. For simplicities sake, I'm not going to link them here, unless asked, but I can tell you a quick way to get to is my account on DeviantArt, which I've linked on my wiki account, that has a link to my account, where anyone can search for it or look through my favorites.

    Of course, not every story is perfect. Both writers mean well in their writing, but I'm pretty sure they are trying not to rush their works per someone else's instructions.

    Anyway, which pieces of Gundam inspired fan fiction do any of you recommend? Or is this better suited for the Gundam fanon wiki? Here's a history for Alpha. [1]

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