• On one of my YouTube videos, one of my subscribers suggested that Clancy Brown would make a good Patrick Zala in a live action Gundam movie that functions, per se, like the Middle Earth and Start Wars movies in terms of dividing up the story. Then yesterday, after thinking over Brian Cox in The Bourne Supremacy, I think he might make a convincing Degwin Sodo Zabi, which was followed with a reply that Gihren Zabi could be played by David Thewlis.

    Now, I know this reeks of unlikeliness combined with possibility, uncertainty, and excitement, but my subscriber, comic book reviewer, did point out that if the production team had better knowledge of what they were working with than the people who made Dragon Ball Evolution and The Last Airbender movie, it might be pulled off more positively memorable than the two former. Thoughts on who might play who?

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    • See for yourself good reasons for it to be adapted to live action either as a movie or TV show. [1]

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