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    Discussion Thread

    To Gundam Valhalla (quite fitting for a series with some Nordic jargon):

    • Mika
    • Iok
    • Akihiro, who unleashed poetic justice on Iok
    • Makanai


    • Julieta x Gaelio?
    • Martian Union Formed
    • Alesi new PM with Takaki as his secretary and hoping on the latter to be an MP.
    • Chad and Dante work for Admoss Company
    • Eugene becomes Kudelia's bodyguard.
    • Merribit Stapleton and Nadi have one child and expecting another
    • Dane and Zack work for Nadi
    • Mika and Atra confirmed to have a son

    Now, I am wondering who was the other assassin who helped Ride avenge Orga? He looked like Derma from behind but I don't think he was close to Ride or Orga. Takaki kept the same hair style and Yamagi works for Nadi.

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    • Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is the 1st Gundam Series to include any LGBT Referances in any Gundam Series so far.

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