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In Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 & 3 will moble suits level up still even if pilot is at level 50?

  • Yo I got a question about Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 & 3.

    I'm condudcting a experiment on a pilot when he or she is at level 50 and he or she is using another moble suit.

    I'm using Lacus Clyne right now and she's piloting Wing Zero and if she reached level 50 and next she useing Burning Gundam will she have Burning Gundam level up still?

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    • I can only answer your question about 3 (Since I've only played that and Reborn). If I remember correctly, the big thing with mobile suits in that game is that they level up through blueprints.

      I don't fully remember the details, but (if I'm correct) you have to clear a specific mission to start getting rank 3 and 4 plans (The most powerful ones). I think that they're also random droping, but you're more likely to get them if you play as that unit.

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    • I'm talking chain combos and SP Gauge.

      Will they go up when you at max level 50?

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    • A Fandom user
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