• Around 2010 or earlier, my sister received an old Gelgoog Commander Type 1/100 scale model kit. It was given to her by my uncle after he picked it up during a trip to japan. I have not been able to find any information on it outside of an image of the box art on the wiki. I believe it was credited as being from 1981, but I can't find anything else.

    IMG 2008

    IMG 2010

    IMG 2012

    A wierd thing I noticed was that some specific parts aren;t colored as shown in the instructions or on the box, but that may just be attributed to the grade, nor do most of the pieces snap together, and I can't seem to build it because of that.

    IMG 2016

    Everything is together, but all of the parts have been removed from the runners and the box has become a little mashed from storage. I have been completely unsucessful in constructing it. I can give more pictures if needed. Any information on it would be greatly appreciated. 

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