• I'm sure some people caught onto this while watching the Unicorn series/RE: 0096, but in the very beginning there is an announcement talking about the end of Anno Domini. I haven't heard much discussion mentioning their consistency, but I figured that thought would have been cool knowing that UC takes place far after the AD period that was portrayed in 00. In addition, I find it interesting as it may be interpretted as a different universe rather than UC being an actual continuation of AD--now that might bring upon some thoughts such as "Newtype" vs "Innovator." Maybe it's possible that both can exist, and/or that Newtypes are now discovered as the evolution for people to turn into. What does that tell you about the other "universes?" Something tells me that the details of them might not all be written at this time.

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    • Those are two different timelines. Just like Battle Network isn’t on the same boat as Mega Man ZX.

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