• Yo everybody. Have you imagine coming up with you own Gundam story?

    You know your own Main Hero Main villian own Mobile Suit own Gundam itself and even own Mobile Armor?

    Well, let's talk about your dream fan made Gundam story. I'll reveil mine later but first how about you? Have you thought up a fan made Gundam story?

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    • Well, I'm actually writing my own SD Gundam story.  It's a retelling of Gundlander, so instead of the pre-history setting that eventually became confusing, I had it set at a post-apocalypse world that after fifty years is slowly getting back on its feet.  All of the MS usints are called Landers; mysterious life-forms that are a combination of robots, mutants, and depending on the model, parts of nature.  There are humans in this world, but they are almost reduced back to the stone age due to the "Great Catastrophe" wiping out all data and are struggling against the Landers.  Anyways, the main hero is a newly awakened Lander named Leo, who has a conscious system that allows him to learn and think like a human.

      This story has a lot of things thrown into it based off on other things.  The setting is like Fist of the North Star, Metal Max, and Fallout.  The humans are similar to the settings.  The malevolent Landers are like Terminator, Snatcher, and bits of Devilman.  And finally, the Gundlanders (especially Leo) are mixed with Johnny 5, Wall-E, Chappie, Kikaider.  Designs for the most part are obviously Gundams, but Leo is a mix of the RX-78-2, Barbatos, the fan-made Gun Hundred, and my personal favorite, the one that helped created the inspiration, a model that is being pre-order from Plum called Gao.  I have key points already thought out, but writing down the things in the middle is often hard for me.

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    • I've done some imagining now and then about writing my own SD Gundam work, mostly based on the Command Chronicles series, but I've mostly been drawing adaptions of the newer Knight Gundam series in my spare time. 

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    • I tried to make Doozy Bots coherent, one time. A lot of it was just getting it to make sense (ex: let's just have the kids pilot 8-foot mobile suits instead of getting their brains transferred to robots. They're all in high school, so they're not licensed to pilot the normal-sized ones yet). Then I thought it would be funny to make a Subverted Kids Show where things started out all cute, and then suddenly got creepy. It ended up becoming depressing somehow.

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    • I'm part of a Gundam Roleplay server on Discord, and I guess we're telling our own custom story. It's kinda getting outta hand, as we have our own Char clone...

      Link to server here:

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    • Well I encountered someone on Snafu comics on Powerpuff Girls D wishing that and Grim Tales are the same universe and I'm having nightmares about it that it came true.

      Because I'm a Dexter/Blossom shipper and Blossom belongs to Dexter not the demon HIM.

      So I'm gonna someday write that the wish came true as my own Gundam universe.

      And the main character is a girl a Powerpuff Girl who is Black who is genenilily enegernered from the blood of Dexter and Blossom that they were her parents not by birth but by Genenic.

      Plus she is also the first Cyber-Newtype main character. And the Gundam she pilots is the Warrior Gundam.

      Any questions.

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    • In truth, I've had many Gundam Fan stories, mostly with Gundam Wing characters crossing over to other shows.  I even had characters from Chrono Trigger (one of the best SNES games out there in my opinion) put into Gundam Wing.  I even had Crono (that's the main character in Chrono Trigger) pilot another Sunrise mech, a Gundam version of Escaflowne.  And whenever there was something I didn't like about the shows, like a character died; then Crono would alter time to save them.  This was before I found out about Super Robot Wars and how they would change their fates in those games.  I even did this for non Gundam Shows like Ideon and Zeorymer.  Some I have written myself, but mostly the key points in my stories.

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    • And what are you gonna name your Gundam story?

      I name mine PPGD/GT merge Gundam FF.

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    • Hm...probably New Report Command Chronicles for mine. I don't know what arc to name it though, it's mostly uses MS from Thunderbolt and Build Fighters/Try.

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    • Good point.

      But who's gonna be your main character for your fan made Gundam story?

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    • The scenario I came up with was that it takes place in one of the various space colonies established after Super G-ARMS. There are two protagonists: Gunbolt, (Design basis: FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver), who had been assigned recently to the local police force (which was established by the members of G-ARMS) and Captain Winning Gundam (Design basis: Winning Gundam, of course), a student under the force's leader  Commander Scramble and the daughter of the colony's govoner.

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    • Okay, I give up. So what's the diffrence between Newtype and Cyber-Newtype?

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    • Newtypes are either born or have evolved naturally. Cyber Newtypes are artifical.

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    • I see.

      I guess I'm gonna watch every whole Gundam anime as research in order to do my Gundam story.

      You know to understand.

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