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  • Say that you have to pick between piloting a single super prototype mobile suit, and commanding an army of mass-production mobile suits.  Which would be more preferrable to you, and why?

    In my case, I'd make for a better commanding officer of a mass-produced army of mobile suits, rather than the pilot of a single super prototype.  My reflexes are terrible, and I don't want to die as easily as I would when I'm at home base or on a ship commanding an army of mass-production mobile suits.  But I'd make for an excellent strategist for wave upon wave of mass-production models as opposed to just one super prototype alone.

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    • Boy, that's a tough question.

      In all honesty, it depends on what the mission involves.  On the one hand, one unit (super prototype or not) would be efficient in taking on small groups of enemies who are lightly armed and not expecting something like that to occur  One unit also means less time accidentally getting caught up in your own force's messes.  The downside is that if you're one unit, and they swarm you, then it's only a matter of time before you get destroyed.  And if it were a super-prototye, then that's a lot of money down the toilet.

      On the otherhand, well-trained pilots of a mass-produced unit can help cover each-other's backs and can take over more territory due to a larger number of units.  They could also take on a bigger unit that's slower and easier to swarm, like the above mention.  But sometimes those mass-produced units come at the price of lower points like less armor, poor energy storage, or other drawbacks like that which can easily get you killed.

      But I'm rambling about the facts; you want a clear-cut answer of one or the other.  And honestly, I'm afraid I can't really decide on either of them.  There's just too many variables to consider.  I'd prefer a well-balanced unit: maybe not exactly super-prototype performance, but at least have decent protection, and maybe have a few others like me, but not in a large squadron.  That's what I think, just a cut down the middle.

      The Raven of Elysion (talk) 18:40, October 26, 2017 (UTC)

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