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Three Socius (スリー・ソキウス?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays manga.


A combat coordinator and one of the Socius clones produced by the Earth Alliance. Just like the rest of the Socius clones, he cannot hurt or kill any Naturals, only Coordinators, as the Earth Alliance conditioned them not to harm any Naturals. Unlike most of the Socius clones, he has not been treated with the psyche destroying drugs. This is mostly likely because he has accumulated quite some experience in the military and has some results to his name. Furthermore, he is also a commander and using the drugs would render him useless. However, as the criticism about Three Socius starts to increase in the military, his superior is forced to reassign him to the Asian region. Three Socius pilots CAT1-XG1/12 Hyperion G Unit 1.