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Titans (ティターンズ, Titānzu)


Photo Novel


Purpose Elite Military Force, Counter-insurgency
Led by
Independent Faction No
Part of
First Seen
Last Seen
Mobile Weapons and Workers


Titans (ティターンズ Titānzu) is a fictional organization first introduced in the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime TV series. It is also featured in Gundam Sentinel and Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans. Titans was an elite unit of the Earth Federation Forces established in U.C. 0083 after the conclusion of Operation Stardust. Their original intention was to defend the Earth Federation against supporters of the Principality of Zeon, as well as to investigate Zeon sympathizers. However, they eventually turned rogue, allying themselves with Axis Zeon in order to fight against the AEUG in an attempt to gain control over the Earth Sphere. They were all but wiped out by the AEUG at the end of the Gryps Conflict.


The Titans were an elite counter-insurgency group formed by the Federation Council in response to the events of Operation Stardust in 0083, where the Federation lost the large part of its fleet to a nuclear attack perpetrated by Zeon loyalists. The Federation decided to form an elite unit of the Earth Federation Space Force whose sole purpose would be to hunt down renegade citizens who either supported the Zeon and their cause or spoke out against the Federation government. Their first chronological appearance is Bask Om's speech at the end of the OVA.

The Titans were found by Jamitov Hymen, who argued that the safety of the Federation displaced the civil rights of the citizens living under the Federation. In creating the Titans, he essentially created a special forces unit that had the ability to act outside the limit of Federation's supervision. As time passed, more people lined up to join the Titans, inspired by the group's success in repelling Anti-Federation movements. It should be noted, though, that this wasn't always the case - many Federation soldiers joined the Titans not because of the successes, but because the Titans power was growing and many didn't want to become irrelevant anymore, thus joining the Titans was the lesser of two evils.

As time went by this force became more and more powerful, and its objectives eventually expanded to include all who opposed the Earth Federation, and the citizens of the Federation started to resent it. On 31 July U.C. 0085, a massive protest was held in Side 1's 30 Bunch (the 30th Colony in Side 1's territory) against actions of Titans, but the protest soon turned into chaos, with riots breaking out throughout the colony. After repeated attempts by the Federation Forces to calm the riots failed, the Titans were dispatched to put it to an end. The Titans responded by shutting down the colony's air supply and used poison G3 Gas, killing the entire population of the colony.

When the most Federation Council members refused to charge the Titans with any wrongdoing, dissident citizens and soldiers both on earth and in space formed the Karaba and AEUG resistance movements, respectively. As the AEUG and Karaba started to pose a serious threat to the Titans' forces, the Earth Federation eventually gave the Titans control of nearly all military operations, and the most of the Federal army. Instead of resolving the issue, this only widened the conflict.

The Titans were eventually exposed when the AEUG captured the Federation capital building. The Titans attempted to silence Char Aznable, who was making a passionate speech about humanity moving into space, before denouncing the Titans. Their actions were caught on camera, which was broadcasted to the entire Earth. The rebels later captured the Gryps Laser, which they used to wipe out the Titans fleet. Although most members of the Titans are killed, remnants regroup into a rebel group called New Desides and is eventually annihilated by the Earth Federation's Task Force Alpha in early U.C. 0088, as narrated in the photo-novel Gundam Sentinel.

Titans Members

Major strategic locations

Located at the Side 7 colonies, used in the secret development of mobile suits. Noah 2 (Gryps 2) was later converted into a colony laser by the Titans.
Space fortress formerly used by the Principality of Zeon. It became an important base of operations after the U.C. 0083 attack on the EFF naval review.
A mountain fortress used an alternative strategic base to Jaburo. Attacked shortly after the Dakar Speech by AEUG/Karaba coalition forces. Titans key member Jamitov Hymen fled moments before its fall. After losing this base, most of the Titans force moves to space.
Once known as the Zeon space fortress A Baoa Qu, it was renovated and recommissioned by the Titans. Destroyed in a collision with the asteroid Axis.


In Other Media

As with many other Gundam-based characters and groups, the Titans have appeared in other video game series, including Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation.

The Titans first appear in the Super Robot Wars series with Super Robot Wars 4. There, they attempt to discredit Londo Bell following the previous wars and the two groups finally come to blows after Londo Bell's branded as criminals. The heroes do come up on top, though.

They show up next in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, discrediting Londo Bell due to the events of the first game and causing them to disband. They later start attempting to collect powerful Super Robots to power the Aegis Shield, powerful barrier that would protect either the Earth or the Colonies, with the Titans attempting to use them to just shield the Earth. The heroes fight back and decimate the Titans and are also able to use the Aegis Shield to protect both. The Titans appear in a smaller capacity in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2, but by this time they're fully defeated.

The Titans form a branch called the Glory Star in Super Robot Wars Z. They are an elite unit piloting test prototype mechas called Balgora in which game protagonist Setsuko Ohara was once a member.

Note that they do show up in other SRWs, but in those games, they follow their natural storyline and not a new telling.


  • OZ from Gundam Wing shares striking similarities to the Titans; both of them were formed to combat the inherent threat from the space colonist and like the Titans, OZ goes rogue and attempts to take over the United Earth Sphere Alliance.
  • The A-LAWS in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 are also incredibly similar to the Titans. Both of them were founded by their respective governments as an elite peace-keeping corps, but they both go rogue and commit atrocities in order to reinforce their rules and ideals.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed /Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny's Blue Cosmos/Logos/Phantom Pain share similarities as both factions have an ideology Earth supremacy for world domination and that the space faction/race (Zeon/Plant) should be eliminated. They also attack anyone in an aggressive and brutal manner as well as using Operations to further their ambitions (Operation Stardust-formation of Titans and Operation Spitbreak-Blue Cosmos taking control of the Alliance). They would later control of the military as Blue Cosmos/Logos usurped earlier after JOSH-A while the Titans later usurped during Zeta Gundam (Which is a parallel of Gundam Seed Destiny). Both of the factions were led by a sinister politician (Titans-Jamitov Hymen Blue Cosmos/Logos-Muruta Azrael then Lord Djibril).

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