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Torrington Base


Torrington Base


  • Military base

Torrington Base is a Earth Federation Military Base located in eastern Australia, north of Sydney Harbour. It was the Earth Federation's main nuclear storage facility. During the One Year War, the base was attacked by Zeon forces which were successfully repelled by the White Dingo Team. In the Year of Universal Century 0083, the base was attacked by the remnants of the Principality of Zeon. This base was the place where phase 1 of Operation Stardust began when Anavel Gato stole Gundam Unit 2 from the Albion. In Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, the base is attacked once again by the Zeon remnants. By U.C. 0096, the base is largely deserted due to its low strategic value and is routinely patrolled by ill-equipped EFF defense squads.


Surprise Attack from Zeon

Second Battle of Torrington Base

In U.C. 0096, after succeeding in the Third Battle of Dakar, "The Sleeves" decided to launch an attack on Torrington Base after discovering the Laplace PROGRAM'S coordinates and in order to "give the Feds the shock of their lives". Yonem Kirks uses an old One Year War radio code to rally the Earth Zeon's hideout to help them attack the base. The Juneau-class "Bonefish" while on patrol off the coast of eastern Australia was attacked and sunk by the AMA-X7 Shamblo and the Zeon marine MS unit heading to the base. The next morning, The Zeon remnants launch an attack on the base completing catching the EFF by surprise. The Londo Bell ship Ra Cailum change its course to the base to help defend it. At first the Zeon forces was doing well due to their coordination and the EFGF being in disarray by the attack, AMA-37 Shamblo which was suppose to surpport the attack changes course to the city nearby due to Loni wanting to get revenge. The tide turned when the RX-160S Byarlant Custom and the Tri-Stars - an elite trio of pilots stationed on board the Ra Cailum started to launch an counterattack with the EFGF's help causing all Zeon forces to be defeated and AMA-37 Shamblo destroyed.


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