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Birth Date
  • Presumed Deceased
  • Male
  • Wife (Unidentified)
  • Ural (Region)
  • Scientist

Trenov Y. Minovsky (トレノフ・Y・ミノフスキー Torenofu Y. Minofusukī?) is a character from the Universal Century time-line of the Gundam meta-verse. He is regarded as the father of Minovsky Physics, which most advanced technology seen in the UC era is derived from.


Note: There are conflicting information of Minovsky. The following are two possible background of Minovsky, with The Origin being more canonical due to it having made into an Anime form.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

During his time with the Autonomous Republic of Zeon, he helped developed the Ultracompact Minovsky Fusion Generator, which allows YMS-03 Waff to be produced. By U.C. 0078, Minovsky realized that he could soon be disposed of by Zeon, and thus attempted to defect to the Federation; after arriving on the Zeon-friendly city of Granada, he and the Federation assigned escort attempted to travel through the lunar highway to the Federation-controlled Von Braun. However, he was forced off-road into Mare Smythii by 4 Zaku I and 1 MS-04, but Federations managed to arrive on time and dispatched 12 RX-77-01. Unfortunately, he was killed when a RX-77-01 wreckage fell upon him. The same battle also illustrated to the Federation that Tem Ray's idea that there is a need for a Mobile Suit that is geared toward for Mobile Suit Combat, leading to the approval of the RX-78 Gundam development Project.

Stampede: The Story of Professor Minovsky by Masaya Takahashi.

Trenov Y. Minovsky was born in 1983 (U.C. 0015) in the Ural regions near Chernobyl, Ukraine. At the age of three, Trenov witnesses the Chernobyl Disaster. After moving to America in 1999 (U.C. 0031) he enrolled in school and began research on a fictitious particle known as "Minovsky Physics". But at the time his research was far too unrealistic, and no one understood where he was going with it. However, one of his buddies, Ionesco, informs him that Anaheim Electronics has agreed to sponsor his research. He is thrilled at this, much to the chagrin of Ionesco. Shortly thereafter in U.C. 0040, the Minovsky particle is discovered. However, at a scientific conference, it is determined that the Minovsky particle has no relation to nuclear fusion reactors and that his thesis has no conclusive evidence. The reason behind it comes from Ionesco saying that it only has conventional technological applications. Ionesco also refutes Minovsky's research by stating that a particle with a special nature like it was never detected. As of this, he was deemed a fraud and forever banned from the scientific community. A short time later, he is approached by the Zabi family and later moves to Side 3 in U.C. 0045. At the same time, the "Minovsky Physics Society" is established and weapons development is started. However, Minovsky becomes increasingly obsessed with weapons development, which leads to his wife leaving him. Following the death of Zeon Zum Deikun in U.C. 0070, Minovsky receives an award for his developments, but tosses it aside in front of the entire Zabi family. From here he flees back to Earth to Chernobyl. At some point after the end of the One Year War on U.C. 0080, he is surrounded by mobile suits piloted by Zeon remnants, where it is speculated that he was killed by his own creations.


  • There are several time-line discrepancies in the Stampede: The Story of Professor Minovsky manga, one of which lists the first year of the adoption of the Universal Century calendar corresponding to the year 1969 AD (the moon landing), rather than the official date of 2045 AD, which leads to much confusion regarding the actual death date of Professor Minovsky.


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