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The Tsiolkovsky is a ship in the series Gundam SEED.


In CE 15, the first Coordinator, George Glenn set off on a seven year mission to explore the planet Jupiter. Before leaving, Glenn revealed to the world how they could achieve his amazing abilities and distributed detailed files on how people could genetically engineer "Coordinators." Glenn reached Jupiter in the Tsiolkovsky in CE 22, where Glenn made the amazing discovery of Evidence 01 on Jupiter's moon Europa. Seven years later, Glenn returned to the Earth Sphere with Evidence 01, an enormous fossil of a winged whale that finally proved the existence of extraterrestrial life.


  • The ship is visually identical to the huge cargo ship Jupitris from the Universal Century, which was also designed for travel between Earth and Jupiter. The differences between the Tsiolkovsky and Jupitris is that Tsiolkovsky's tank are painted blue. While Jupitris are green.
  • The ship is named for the Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


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