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The Type 74 Hover Truck appears in the series Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Type 74 Hover Truck was a support vehicle assigned to Federation Forces ground combat units to provide them with battlefield intelligence when radar was rendered ineffective due to Minovsky particle broadcast. Utilizing an advanced passive ground sonar suite to identify targets at long range, the Hover Truck was also equipped with a powerful communications system to penetrate low levels of Minovsky jamming. The Hover Truck was also designed with an open cargo bed for the transportation of supplies. For defense, the Hover Truck was armed with a single 20mm vulcan gun mounted on the turret, primarily for anti-aircraft defense.


  • 20mm Vulcan Gun
  • Beam Cannon


The standard ground mobile suit team consisted of three mobile suits and a Hover Truck, and these units were deployed all across the world from Asia's Kojima Battalion to the White Dingo Team in Australia. In UC 0081 one Hover Truck unit supported the Phantom Sweep Corps in their operations against Zeon remnants.

One of the Type-74 Hover Trucks is later seen in UC 0096. It is modified to equip a beam cannon.

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