The UC Project is an initiative started by the Earth Federation armed forces to modernize its weaponry after the catastrophic events of Char's Rebellion in U.C. 0093.

The RX-0


The Flagship of the UC Project: The Unicorn Gundam

The main result of the UC Project was the creation of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam: the ultimate Newtype hunting unit. This machine was intended to annihilate enemy Newtypes by utilizing the Psychoframe that makes up a large amount of its inner frame. This system, known as the Newtype Destroyer system (NT-D), greatly enhances the unit's reaction time, even for an Oldtype pilot, and takes control of nearby psycommu-controlled weaponry.

The NT-D, although highly effective and deadly, posed several drawbacks, such as a limited operation time due to performance specifications so great that they pose a physical hazard to the pilot itself.

The Outcome of the UC Project

Despite the UC Project being a product of the Earth Federation and Anaheim Electronics, a schism of interests within the influential Vist family, in charge of overseeing the Unicorn's development overturned the project's original purpose. Cardeas Vist, by the request of his grandfather Syam, installed an advanced program called La+ into the Gundam's operating system.

The La+ system was designed to direct its pilot through a set of coordinates, which would ultimately lead him to a century-old Federation secret known as Laplace's Box. Because of rumors that the Box could destroy the Federation, the remaining Neo Zeon forces launched a wide-scale operation to retrieve the Unicorn.

This series of skirmishes, known as the Laplace Conflict, would eventually evolve into the Third Neo Zeon War, less than three years after the second.

Additional results of Project UC


Neo Zeon's modification of EF's Sinanju

  • The RGM-96X Jesta mobile suit was designed to work in tandem to the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Since the Unicorn's Destroy mode could only operate for 5 minutes, it became apparent that there will be need for a high performance mass-produced model that could pave the way for the RX-0 to deal with the enemy Newtype weapon. Therefore, the Jesta was developed as an special operation unit with massive thrust output to keep up with the Unicorn's monstrous acceleration. A handful of these units, originally assigned to the command of Bright Noa, would later become one of the many pivotal factors to the conclusion of the Third Neo Zeon War.
  • The MSN-06S Sinanju Stein, which served as a testbed for the Unicorn Gundam's full body Psycoframe was captured by Neo Zeon sympathizers and turned into the dreaded Sinanju piloted by Full Frontal.
  • A second RX-0 unit, known as the Banshee, was also developed and sent to Earth for gravity testing after its space testing. As a result of this, its operating system was more complete than Unicorn's, which was only tested in space. The Banshee would later be used to chase down the Unicorn.
  • A Third RX-0 unit, known as the Phenex, was also developed. But went berserk during its test run.

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