Technology & Combat Characteristics

Gussa is a potent Grunt-mech that improves steadily over its service time. It equips a forearm-mounted beam rifle, opposite a shield with a bladed tip. Finishing out it's equipment is the Sand Barrel, a shotgun-like defensive weapon that is capable of destroying incoming missiles or damaging funnels. Gussa can also equip a Minovsky Craft Flight Unit, or a Long Range Drive Unit, to increase it's performance.



Gussa B.I: The B.I Gussa is a minor improvement over the standard model, No specific technological or equipment changes are referenced, but the new version is typically painted purple as opposed to the old Gussa's blue.

Gussa B.II: Primarily a thruster and mobility improvement, the Gussa B.II was requested by EFF troops in fear of the rising conflict between MaHA and Metatron. In terms of appearance, the B.II is akin to a Powered GM variant of the Gussa, with additional armor, avionics, thrusters, and fuel. B.II Gussa also equips a Mega Beam Launcher, which greatly improves it's medium-long range combat capabilities.