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UMF-4A GoohN

Unit Type

Mass Production Transformable Amphibious Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • UMF-4A
Developed from
Developed into
First Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 20.71 meters67.946 ft
    815.354 in
Standard Weight
  • 70.5 metric tons
  • Ultracompact Energy Battery
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in cockpit in chest)
  • 2 x Phonon maser high energy cannon
  • 2 x 533mm 7-barrel torpedo launcher searchgray_iconsmall.png
  • 2 x 1030mm Mk. 70 supercavitating torpedo
  • 47mm rifle dart launcher

The UMF-4A GOOhN is a Mobile Suit in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Since the GOOhN is designed mainly for underwater combat, the suit features two phonon maser high energy cannons, the energy weapon for underwater battle. These cannons are mounted in the head of the suit. Besides these masers, the suit is also equipped with two 1030mm Mk. 70 supercavitating torpedoes and a 47mm rifle dart launcher, which however can only be used in swim mode. Lastly, the GOOhN mounts two 533mm 7-barrel torpedo launchers, one in each hand, which are used for both underwater and land combat. Despite its high speed and firepower, its maneuverability is relatively low and it performs poorly on land.


  • Photon Maser High-energy Cannon
The GOOhN is equipped with two Phonon Maser High Energy Cannons which are mounted beside the monoeye sensor. The Phonon Maser High Energy Cannon is a versatile sonic weapon that is unaffected by water, allowing it to function as a effective weapon both on land and in the sea.
  • 7-barrel Torpedo Launcher
The GOOhN featured two 533mm 7-tube torpedo launchers on its arm. These torpedoes are rocket-propelled and can be used on land and in the sea.
  • 1030mm Mk.70 Supercavitating Torpedo
A type of torpedo larger and faster than normal ones. They are fired from launchers at the top of the head.
  • 47mm Rifle Dart Launcher
Mounted on the fin at the back and usable only during swim mode. As its name implies, it fires darts.


The GOOhN is one of the two mass production amphibious mobile suits used by ZAFT during the Bloody Valentine War. The GOOhN was designed mainly to attack battleships and submarines in the ocean, and therefore has a strong pressure hull which allows it to dive deep underwater. GOOhNs are usually deployed from the underwater catapults of Vosgulov-class submarines.

During the first war, GOOhNs were deployed in mass numbers in the oceans on Earth to attack Earth Alliance units there. They were also part in the massive Operation Spit Break, ZAFT's attack on the EA military headquarter JOSH-A in Alaska. During the Second Bloody Valentine War, GOOhNs were still in service and used among others in the attack on the Orb Union, codename Operation Fury.

Besides the standard GOOhN, ZAFT also created the prototype UTA/TE-6 GOOhN Underground Mobility Test Type, which is capable of drilling into the ground. This suit is later put into limited mass production in form of the UTA/TE-6P Geo-GOOhN.



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