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The UWMF/S-1 GINN WASP Type is a Mobile Suit in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A ZGMF-1017 GINN variant designed mainly for underwater search and patrol mission in shallow waters, the GINN WASP (Water Adapted Search & Patrol) Type omits out all space-use equipment and can operate in water depths of up to 100 meters. It is equipped with hydrojet propulsion system, watertight joint sleeves and specialized underwater sensor units, which includes active/passive sonar array and electric field sensors, also known as Lorenzini Sensors. Optionally, it can also mount a towed sonar array canister and ultra-long-wave data communication system, which is also used in the Earth Alliance's GAT-X255 Forbidden Blue and GAT-706S Deep Forbidden. Since the outward appearance of the GINN WASP Type is nearly the same as the standard GINN, converting a GINN into a GINN WASP Type is an easy task.

Although the GINN WASP Type isn't as efficient in underwater battle as the amphibious UMF-4A GOOhN or UMF-5 ZnO, it is still a formidable enemy and can be used to attack bases and units near the shoreline. The suit is often deployed as a support unit for GOOhN and ZnO and is mainly equipped with handheld rocket dart launcher and an MMI-TT04 405mm Mk-II multipurpose torpedo launcher. A small number of the GINN WASP Type is also equipped with a phonon maser cannon, that is used in many other underwater mobile suits. After the first war, an improved version of the GINN WASP Type, the GINN WASP Type Custom was fielded. This unit is identical in appearance to the earlier design, but has the latest Lorenzini Sensors and an improved underwater cruising range.


  • Rocket Dart Launcher
  • MMI-TT04 405mm Mk-II Multipurpose Torpedo Launcher
  • Phonon Maser Cannon
The Phonon Maser Cannon is a versatile sonic weapon that is unaffected by water, allowing it to function as a effective weapon both on land and in the sea.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Active/passive Sonar Array
  • Lorenzini Sensor/Improved Lorenzini Sensor
A set of sensors modelled after a shark's electroreceptor organs, which are known as Ampullae of Lorenzini. These sensor units can detect electrical impulses in the water and are often equipped on underwater mobile suits. The GINN WASP Type Custom is fitted with the latest version available during the second war.
  • Towed Sonar Array
  • Ultra-long-wave Antenna


During the First Alliance-PLANT War, ZAFT created several variants of its standard GINN mobile suit to fulfil different purposes. One such variant is the GINN WASP Type, which was designed for underwater use, although most times it operates in shallow waters. An improved version called the GINN WASP Type Custom was developed after the first war and is deployed during the attack on the Logos-controlled Heaven's Base.

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