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United Nations Forces



  • 00F: Chapter #8 - #14


Purpose Defeating Celestial Being, Peacekeeping
Independent Faction No
Part of
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Mecha and Technologies

The United Nations Forces is the unified army composed combined military forces of Union, AEU, and HRL to eradicate Celestial Being.


Operation Fallen Angels

After given 30 GN T Drives in A.D. 2308, the three world powers united all their military resources to destroy Celestial Being. In a public display of united commitment, all three leaders publicly announced their new coalition on the news and called their anti-Gundam campaign Operation: Fallen Angels. After chasing off Team Trinity, they hunted down the rest of Celestial Being in space and successfully defeated them.


After successfully fending off Celestial Being, unity between all nations continued and a new level of prosperity reigned. Eventually in A.D. 2310, the UN Forces was disbanded to reform into a true single military force, the Earth Sphere Federation. After the Federation was formed, the Earth Sphere Federation Army was created as the singular Earth protection force; by A.D. 2311, a new elite force was created under direct orders of the Federation, A-Laws.


Their main mobile suits are GNX-607T GN-XII and GNX-603T GN-X, but most of United Nations Forces mobile suits are Enacts, Flags, and Tieren High Mobility Type B.


  • The war between Celestial Being and the pre and later United Nations resembles to that of the Winter War conflict in Gundam Wing which ended up bringing world peace as an aftermath to each of the united worlds.

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